The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

I've not wrote a Lush bath bomb review in a while, the main reason being, as I've been really busy at the moment, I've been having a lot of showers, which meant I had no pictures of any products. However I will make more time for these kind of posts. To be quite frank I… Continue reading The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


The Experimenter By Lush

I remember when The Experimenter got released, everyone seemed to be buying one and most people raved about it. Whats good about The Experimenter is its not a seasonal or kitchen product, which means all stores will be stocked up on it as well as online, and you can get it almost everywhere. I love… Continue reading The Experimenter By Lush


The Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb

For starters I didn't blog at all last week, so my apologies, I was actually doing a blogging course to help improve my blog and becoming more organised. This has helped me so much and I really recommend doing blogging courses, as you may think you don't need to do one, but I can tell… Continue reading The Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb