The Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb

For starters I didn’t blog at all last week, so my apologies, I was actually doing a blogging course to help improve my blog and becoming more organised. This has helped me so much and I really recommend doing blogging courses, as you may think you don’t need to do one, but I can tell you, I’m always learning new things and I’ve in fact managed to schedule 5 posts for this week, and that never happens. I usually come home from work and then blog for the next day, which I must admit is not always the best, as this means my posts aren’t as good quality because I’m tired. Anyways starting of this Monday with a bath bomb post…

I am very late with this post, considering the majority of the Lush Easter range has been taken offline now, but I couldn’t not include it, as just look it! Technically though if Easter was later this year, I would be on time with this post. They also did an adorable gift with this and a few other Easter products included, something that I wish I got my hands on. I’m actually surprised that the Humpty Dumpty wasn’t a sell out.  The smell is like white musk, which I wasn’t expecting as for such a fun bath bomb, I was shocked to find such a mature smell. I actually LOVE the smell of white musk though, as it really sinks into my skin and leaves me smelling good all day.

I actually debated about buying this for a few days because I didn’t know if I wanted to pay £6.95 for a bath bomb. I am so glad I did though because when I received this it was actually a big bath bomb and If you really wanted to you could get four baths just out of the shell. However there’s something even more exciting. Once you’ve cracked the bath bomb inside is an egg. That is not four baths you could get out of this but five! I now know why it was £6.95. Never. Doubt. Lush. Very impressive and fingers crossed they bring this back for next Easter.

When put in the bath, it fizzes up really quickly, creating lots of different pretty swirls with the exploding amounts of pastel colours, before dissolving in to what leaves you a pale blue colour. I actually didn’t realise how quick this fizzed, and it was a good job I was camera ready, otherwise I would of probably got zilch pictures. Overall I did really enjoy this bath bomb, and it didn’t leave me dissapointed at all. The egg inside for me, just made the bath bomb even better though, and tickled me that they put a splattered egg inside.

Did anyone else get to try the Humpty Dumpty?

A x 


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