Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

(Leopard Print Contact Lenses – £19.59)

If you have an upcoming party, then you may want to consider  Spooky Eyes. For those who don’t know what Spooky Eyes are about, then let me tell you more. Spooky Eyes are based in the UK but actually ship worldwide. They stock over 500 different types of contacts lenses from white contacts, coloured contacts, zombie contacts, cat eye contacts, (shown in the above images) and much much more. They stock for all different occasions and not just for the obvious Halloween occasion. They are great to change your eye colour, or to enhance your look. From natural eye colours, to sparkly ones, if its contact lenses your looking for, have fun trying to narrow down, which pair to go for.

The ones that I’ve got are the leopard print contact lenses. Firstly they come in a nice little box, however be careful how you open the box because if your a first timer, and rip the box open, you’ve just ripped the instructions straight away. Don’t make that mistake. Once opened, you then get a contact lens for each eye, in two separate cases. When putting the contact lenses in, these were actually thicker than your normal standard subscription lenses, you get from your optician. However because of this it makes them really fiddly to actually put in the eye, because they just wanted to keep folding over. What also made it difficult was how they stuck to your finger, when trying to get them in.

So what do they look like when their in, your probably thinking? On the website it says they are suppose to blend in with your eye colour and have a black outline. Well they definitely blend in with your eye colour, I think the pictures above clearly demonstrate that. However in a dark light you can’t see the leopard print that well, but if your in natural, or a brighter light, then you can see it quite clearly. If its a stand out eye your trying to achieve, then this design in particular may not be for you, however there’s loads of other designs to choose from. If your looking for something dark and mysterious, then this might be something you want to consider, especially if your dressing as a cat.

Has anyone else tried Spooky Eyes?

A x  

This product was sent for me to review. All views are my own and are not influenced in any way. 


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