Seeing Little Mix Live

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On Saturday I went to go and watch Little Mix live with my mum and sister, who I bought tickets for at Christmas. We went to Sheffield Arena, which is probably my favourite arena as you get really good seats from pretty much anywhere you sit. You also don’t really get much trouble and not to mention its easy to get too, with plenty of car parks surrounded at affordable prices, Nottingham Arena on the other hand is a total nightmare, but I wont get in to that.


When we arrived we were shown our seats, which I must say the staf

f were really polite and friendly doing this. There were two support acts, one I couldn’t quite catch the name of, all I know was he was called Joey. The other guest performer that everyone went crazy for was Nathan Sykes, who if you don’t know, he was part of the band The Wanted. Nathan actually has a really nice voice, the kind that you could sit in a restaurant and listen too. Nathan sung a lot of acoustic songs and played the piano. He also did a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, which wasn’t that bad. I’m sure you’ll hear a lot from him in the future if you haven’t already.


Then we get to the main event which was Little Mix! They were absolutely incredible, and deserve every inch of success they get. Their voices were amazing and their costumes were so pretty and very sparkly and glamorous. They put on a really good show and performed some songs from the past such as “Change Your Life” and some songs from their new album such as “OMG”. They also did an incredible acoustic version of “Secret Love Song” where their harmony’s were amazing. Not to mention they also did other covers of songs including Drakes “Hotline Bling”. I also loved that they had a small story line to go with it, which made the flow of the songs, go really nicely one after the other.


What also surprised me was how they didn’t have any breaks at all. They just did a 2 hour set, with full on dancing. You couldn’t tell if they were tired because the standards didn’t drop at all and neither did the stamina. The dancing was really good, they were all really in time with each other and had really strong moves. I couldn’t even imagine singing and dancing Β at the same time, it must be so hard, let alone stay in tune. Overall they were amazing and not disappointing at all, I would definitely recommended to all fans who haven’t seen them already, to try and see them, its a show you really don’t want to miss.

Who is off to see Little Mix as part of the rest of their tour?

P.S Sorry picture are blurry, it wasn’t a take your camera kind of event so my phone had to do!

A x


7 thoughts on “Seeing Little Mix Live

  1. Great post lovely! I love Little Mix, so jealous you got to go but glad you had a great time! Also, Nathan Sykes is AMAZING. And not bad on the eye πŸ˜‰

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      1. No worries 😊 I bet! Im so jealous! Ive got really into him recently and hos voice is amazing! Got the best voice. Haha oh yes Im with you on that πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

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