The Experimenter By Lush

I remember when The Experimenter got released, everyone seemed to be buying one and most people raved about it. Whats good about The Experimenter is its not a seasonal or kitchen product, which means all stores will be stocked up on it as well as online, and you can get it almost everywhere. I love the overall look of it as well, it looks just like an experimented bath bomb, with the different colours mashed together.

I love the fact popping candy is included in the list of ingredients, which explains the explosive amounts of colour that comes out of it, when plonked in the bath. The shape is a hexagon, which makes it unique as its not a typical Lush shape. Its not overly detailed either and is split into 3 different colours, these being, pink/purple, white and blue. A really fun looking bath bomb!

The Experimenter smells really sweetly. Expect smells of vanilla and tonka within this. Some say the smell is over powering but I really don’t think this is the case. In fact this had me feeling so relaxed and it almost sent me to sleep, this probably has something to do with the vetivert oil that is used to make it. There is nothing like a good bath bomb that has you feeling calm and relaxed. This is one of the slower ones to fizz, which makes it fun to watch dissolve.

This turns your bath in to a sky blue colour, when you get past all the different swirls of colours.  Not only this but also creates a lot of glitter, so be prepared for a glittery bath tub after you’ve pulled the plug! You could just use this up all in one bath, although if you are someone like me, I like to get the most out of my bath bombs/melts/bubble bars and therefore I would split this into two, and get two baths out of it.

Overall I must have to admit I love every bath bomb including this one, but I wouldn’t put this one as one of my favourites. Reason being as I find as much as this one smells very nice, within an hour of getting out of the bath, you can no longer smell it on your skin anymore. I like the ones you can smell on your skin all day. However this is a great one to get for kids, as like I’ve said before, its one that has a lot of activity and one that you can watch fizz. Also a great one to brighten your bathroom up with. I would also like to mention that I’ve seen quite a lot people finding that this bath bomb stains your fingers, however I haven’t found this at all. I think some people may be mistaking this for a bubble bar where you have to crumble it under water, this one you don’t need to do that. I would keep repurchasing this.

Has anyone else tried The Experimenter?

A x


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