Fringe & Festival


Just a quick post from me today as I’ve been quite busy. As we all know a lot of people are probably getting prepared for the festival season now, whether it’s Glastonbury and Leeds in the Uk, or Coachella in America, which is why I came up with this outfit. Shorts are always in fashion when it comes to festivals but fringe is back in again. I really love this outfit, but I mostly like the different colours together, with similar tones. Shorts are always a must, as if it’s hot your going to stay cool in these and I really love the ripped look in them. The shoes are lovely, however not ideal for a muddy field, but the good thing with flip flops, is you can flat pack them, so if it’s raining one day and sunny the next, you can easily take sandals and some wellies. The lace top, I absolutely adore, it’s very summery and you can’t go wrong with lace, or this Michael Kors backpack. Style it up with some sunglasses and jewellery and your good to go. Personally I’m not a festival kind of girl. I like to see artists live but in a seated environment. I don’t like the thought of staying in a tent or not showering for a few days. If I was to go, Id probably book a hotel nearby haha!

Are any of you going to any festivals this year?

A x


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