The Lush Tag

Lush store in Bristol

Here’s something a bit different and fun. I love Lush so much. I love how it makes your house smell, and how relaxed the bath bombs make you feel, the list goes on. Below is a list of question to answer and I tag you all to do it! (Only if you want too!) Have fun!



 1. Lush Bath Bomb?

Twilight, I love the surprise inside the bath and how calm it makes me feel.

2. Lush Bubble Bar?

The Comforter.

3. Lush Massage Bar?

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Lush massage bar, but it’s something I do need to try out.

4. Lush Kitchen Item?

I can’t remember but it was either the Big Bang bath bubble bar or the Intergalactic bath bomb.

5. Lush Shower Gel?

It’s Raining Men shower gel, which smells lovely!

6. Lush Shower Jelly?

I’ve not tried a shower jelly, they do feel really weird, however I love the smell of the Pines And Needles one and it reminds me of Christmas trees. Another one to think about when I go in on my next visit.

7. Lush Fresh Face Mask?

Catastrophe Cosmetic, it smells amazing and works wonders! It’s a product that feels like it’s working.

8. Lush Soap?

I bought this one just before Christmas but I can’t for the life of me find it, so it must of just been a seasonal one.



1. Lush Store? 

I do most of my Lush shopping online but probably the one in Covent Garden, it’s where my nan took me when I was younger and where I got my first Lush products from.

2. Lush Bath Bomb? 

There’s so many, I love all the Christmas ones, Twilight is favourite. I can’t really answer this one, as I love them all.

3. Lush Bubble Bar? 

I love the Comforter it smells amazing and creates a lot of bubbles! I also love Sunnyside and creamy candy, another one that smells devine and like being in a sweet shop.

4. Lush Massage Bar? 

I am still yet to try a massage bar, but I will get round to doing it.

5. Lush Kitchen Item? 

I love the kitchen products so much, but never get there in time to buy many. I do however like the bath bomb Magic, it’s a really fun one to have in the bath.

6. Lush Shower Gel? 

Its Raining Men, so refreshing!

7. Lush Shower Jelly? 

Again I still need to try  the jelly. I have a huge stash of shower gels at the moment, so after I’ve used them, I shall try some of these.

8. Lush Face Mask? 

It has to be Catastraphe Cosmetic, it’s my go to face mask.

A x


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