The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

I've not wrote a Lush bath bomb review in a while, the main reason being, as I've been really busy at the moment, I've been having a lot of showers, which meant I had no pictures of any products. However I will make more time for these kind of posts. To be quite frank I… Continue reading The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


The Rose Jam Bubble Bar By Lush

I must admit this is the first bubbleroon that I've ever had from Lush but it won't be my last. They are so cute looking and you can get them in a few other colours, these being green and yellow. I would also look out for the kitchen products too, because they sometimes come up… Continue reading The Rose Jam Bubble Bar By Lush


The Draped Front Sleeveless Top

The perfect comfy but stylish outfit, without having to wear your favourite joggers and oversized hoodie. The draped front makes it not such a plain top, but if you wanted to add more to it, you could always put on a nice long necklace. The trousers you have already seen, and I used the grey… Continue reading The Draped Front Sleeveless Top