The Rose Jam Bubble Bar By Lush

I must admit this is the first bubbleroon that I’ve ever had from Lush but it won’t be my last. They are so cute looking and you can get them in a few other colours, these being green and yellow. I would also look out for the kitchen products too, because they sometimes come up with some unique bubbleroons too. What a clever idea though taking a food and making it into a bath bomb. Although I am yet to still try a macaroon, they look really pretty and you can get them in so many different colours.

Rose jam is a nice medium sized bubble bar, with 2 glittery circles sticking together by some pink cream in the inside. It does look good enough to eat but I would not recommend this! You can easily get 2 baths out of this, just halve it and that is plenty. You could use it all for one bath but that would be a bubble overload, and if you can get more out of it, why not? Got to get your moneys worth! In the pictures I have used just half, that gives you an idea of whether there’s enough bubbles or not. I am finding it so hard to concentrate right now, as my neighbors are like a herd of elephants going upstairs! Who else knows people who walk upstairs like their King Kong?

Anyways rose jam has a really nice floral smell. Think roses mixed with shea. It can come across a bit heavy scented, so if you not a fan of a strong floral smell, its probably not for you, although you could halve it and halve it again. Another reason as to why I personally wouldn’t put the whole thing in. This bubble bar contains lemon and rose oil, as well as cocoa and shea butter, it is made completely vegan and you can really smell all of the ingredients that are used to help make it. When crumbled under the tap, it does take a while to dissolve, but creates massive amounts of bubbles and a lovely girly sparkly pink. Perfect for them mean girls Wednesdays. This is suppose to help clear your mind and help boost your mood, which is perfect for a nice morning bath.

When I got out of the bath, as well as feeling refreshed and smelling floral, my skin also felt really soft and smooth. Overall I did like this bubble bar, but I don’t know if it’s one I’d keep stocked up on all the time, just for the smell. I’m not overly keen on the floral smell and I don’t even like flowers haha, so this will probably explain why. However I wouldn’t be put off buying again, but probably just once every few months. Honestly though if it wasn’t for bath bombs,  oils and bubble bars, I would be more of a shower person, but I love a good bath!

What are your thoughts on the bubbleroon?

A x


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