The Film Tag Part 1


1. What’s your favourite film of all time?

My favourite film of all time has got to be “The Vow”. The film tells such a beautiful story based on what happened to a real life couple. It takes you through so many different emoticons and is a real tear jerker, and it makes you think life is too short. I think I may have to watch this again soon actually.

2. What’s your favourite scene from this film?

I love the whole thing but probably the end, when they see each other for the first time in ages, and fall in love again. Makes me emotional just thinking about it! I also love the bit when he farts whilst she’s in the car, and puts the windows up, it’s the kind of thing my boyfriend does.

3. What’s your favourite action film?

Any Marvel film there is, I love them all. If Legend is an action film I really like that as well, I like all the London history, and I found this film really interesting as you can be the biggest, baddest person and have the power to do anything you want, but it doesn’t always make you happy. Tom Hardy did an outstanding job as well.

4. What’s your favourite thriller film?

Now You See Me, is that a thriller? I can’t wait to watch number 2! I loved that you try to guess the ending, and it turns out that it’s completely wrong. I love the cleverness of the script, and I think this film deserved much more credit than what it got.

5. What’s your favourite psychological film?

Inception is a good one for this. Although it took me ages to work it out and rewatch the film a million times, it gradually made sense and what an incredible actor Leonardo DiCaprio is. He deserves so many awards for his work.

6. What’s your favourite comedy film?

Easy! Grown Ups! Love Love Love! If anyone hasn’t watched this film it’s a must, both one and two are hilarious, and they should totally make a third! This has me crying with laughter, and it never gets old!

7. What’s your favourite scene from this film?

The whole film is hilarious throughout! I just love all the banter between all of them, and it’s always nice to see that the cast clearly get on behind the scenes of the film as well as on set. Honestly guys it’s the funniest film ever, you must watch it and you can thank me later!

8. What’s your favourite dark humour film?

I love Sweeny Todd, of course Johnny Depp is a good villain with a very dry sense of humour, which is pretty much  his character in most films.

9. What’s your funniest scene from this film?

Ermm I wouldn’t say there’s  funny scene in this, as it’s a serious film mixed with dry humour. It’s a difficult one to explain.

10. What’s your favourite horror film?

Probably The Conjuring, it’s the only film that has properly scared me, or creeped me out, as I love horror films and they don’t usually scare me, or make me dwell on what I’ve watched after, however The Conjuring did. It’s not got a silly story or you can’t predict when the scary parts are going to happen, it’s just a really creepy film!

Look out for part 2!

A x


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