Made In Chelsea First Impressions


One of my favourite things started back on tv on Monday and that is Made In Chelsea. However I did notice that there is like 7 new characters. This is the biggest cast they’ve had yet. Lauren I don’t really like, I find her fake and overly bitchy without no need to be. Emily is someone I can’t really work out yet, she seems nice but I guess I’ll work her out in episodes to come. Fleur is someone I’ve instantly taking a liking too, she is very down to earth. Jess is a strange one, who came across as quite an awkward person. JP is one of the lads and is rather funny. Millie I also can’t make my mind up about her, as she’s not as loud as the others, but within time I will. Nicola is also part of the bitch squad, and I find her quite stuck up, again like Lauren, without a reason to be. That’s it for the new ones. Has anyone noticed that Victoria and Lucy were missing this episode? Where have they gone? 

What’s your first impressions of the new characters? 

A x


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