10 Ways To Decorate Your Room

Not On The High Street is a really good website for gifts but for also decorating your house etc. As you may have gathered all things I post here will be from the website notonthehighstreet. These will also be items that can be used in your bedroom because I only have a bedroom to decorate as I don’t have my own house, but you might find you can put these items to use in a different room. Anyways I’m going to get on with this now, as I am rambling on a bit.


(Personalised Jewellery Box £25)

I really like this, it will keep all your jewellery out of the way and look pretty at the same time with your name on it. 


(Dandelion Wall Sticker £22.95)

Ahh I love wall art and I like this design. Wall stickers are a good way to dress up a blank wall.


(Balloon Ceiling Light £154)

Okay, I’m aware that this is probably out of the price range but wow! Look at it! It’s awesome!


( Cube Clock £27.99)

I have no idea how this clock works but I think it looks really good. It just looks different to your average clock. This is another bedside table item.


(Map Lampshade £35)

This is pretty cool to have next to your bed. I really like how detailed the map is and choices of colours.


(Iron Heart Hook £6)

I really like how old the hooks look. They’d look really nice to hang things on, instead of just a basic hook.


(Book Of Earrings £24)

This is such a good idea! I love the way they look like books. I like how you can see what you’ve got too.


( Glass Tea Light Holder £2.75)

I really like the colours of these holders. They would look really nice on a dressing table or bed side cabinet.


(Glass Wall Cabinet £32.95)

This would be perfect for my perfumes to be put on, like shown in this picture. I really like the idea of the mirrored compartments.


(Personalised Lyrics Cushion £29.95)

I love the idea of this. You could put your favourite lyrics printed on to the cushion, and have it on your bed for show.

What’s your favourite item from my selection?

A x


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