Cruising In My Future Car

image image image image

I know that most of you reading this are probably girls, bit if your a male or a girl who likes cars, this post May interest you. This is my second time I’ve been here now, however this time it was my go. At the weekend I had one of the best experiences of my life! I was in a Mclaren lp640. I didn’t want to get out! This was a Christmas present for me from my boyfriend. This dream took place at Prestwold with the Everyman Racing company. It was a dream come true. The staff were really friendly and provided a good service. I had a couple of fast laps, which were brilliant and worth the money, although next time I think I might have a go driving a supercar. Other supercars include Lamborginis, Aston Martin, Audi etc. Something else I like the look of at the moment is the Audi R8. It’s stunning! The weather was really nice and it was just such a good day. I just think the staff there have such a cool job and I’m really jealous. Like I said I’m already having a look at other experiences you can do. I may not ever own a Mclaren but at least I can say I’ve been in one.

imageDo we have any supercar fans reading this?

A x


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