I Just Woke Up Like This


Hey guys! How’s everyone’s weekend been? I’m already counting the days till I go on holiday. 46 days incase you wanted to know and I can’t wait! The topic today is hair. This method I’m going to tell you about in a minute, I just randomly did and it just happened to work, although I have a feeling I may of seen this done somewhere. For those of you who would like natural looking waves, I have found a method. I don’t want to say found though because you may know this already. Anyways I’m going on a bit now like donkey off of Shrek. All I did was twist my hair the night before into a bun and tye a hairband, 2 to be precise around it. Slept on it and woke up. That is it. I even have pictures to prove it. Also I had a thought that maybe if you did this in smaller sections then you might have better waves, or even curls! It’s just great because if you don’t have time in the mornings or just like your sleep like me, then you can use this method.

image image

My Hair The Morning After Before Combing It

image image

My Hair After Combing It The Next Morning

Has anyone done this before? Let me know in the comments. 

A x


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