Feeling Blue?

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Kim wasn’t the only one to change her hairstyle, Kylie Jenner has gone aqua! Even though this may have been for the coachella music festival, I personally think it suits her and it looks like she’s started off a trend too. Other celebrities including Hilary Duff had also been spotted with aqua blue hair. I think it looks really pretty, fun and cool, it’s whether your brave enough to take the plunge to do it and then also whether you think it suits you or not. The key to pulling this off is to have a colour that compliments your skin tone. If your going for a pastel blue, then this would look good with fair skin. If your dark skinned, then you may want to go for a richer coloured blue. If your not brave enough to go the whole way, why not just put some streaks in, or if you have extensions try dying them first. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do it, are you? 

Who wore it best? Kylie or Hillary?

A x


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