A Bit Of Reorganising

This was one of those jobs I’ve kept putting off and eventually I will sort out the top of my wardrobe, and the rest of my room in that matter. I can’t believe I’m showing you this picture because it’s awful but at least I can show you I’ve done something about it. As you can see it was really messy and there was just allsorts in there. Now I’ve got just my shoes in there neatly in shoe boxes. This is a really good way of keeping your shoes tidy. What I’m thinking of doing to be even more organised, is to take pictures of the shoes in each box and then stick them on the shoe box. This way I know what is in the shoe box, and when it comes to looking for a certain pair of shoes, I can just look at the box, instead of getting them all out and knowing me, making a big mess. 





What do you think? 

A x


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