Binky Nail Varnish

I’ve always been a fan of Binky, ever since I’ve watched her in Made In Chelsea, she’s just such a genuine person, so when I heard about her bringing out her own brand of nail polish, I just had to get them! 


The colours are really unique and girly. The brush is thick  and is just the right texture so the application is smooth and easy to put on, with no drips and no clumps. I really struggle to find a nail varnish that doesn’t apply on clumpy on my nails, so I was instantly sold when I tried out this. Another bonus is, it drys really really quickly, so your not waiting around for ages. I also found that one coat was enough, I did end up doing 2 but I’ve always done that. I would really recommend these!

image image

Get binky nail polish from here.

A x 


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