Sparkly Superdry Leggings

image image image image image image

(Sparkly Superdry Leggings – £24.99)

I’ve been loving Superdry for quite some years now. All their clothing is super comfy and perfect for lounging in, or exercising in but still looking cool. I went to a Superdry store where they had a big sale on, but still managed to find something not in the sale that I liked. I love these glittery leggings, and there nice and thick so you can see no knickers through these! What really grabbed my attention though was the glittery Superdry logo down the side of one leg. Who doesn’t love a bit of a sparkle? I also think they look pretty cool with my superstars too but perhaps not my Easter chic socks!

Has anyone else got any Superdry leggings? What do you think?

A x


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