3 Must Have Lush Bath Bombs

My love for Lush just continues to keep growing, especially when it comes to bath bombs. It just amazes me how creative they are, and how they keep coming up with new ideas. There is not a bath bomb I don’t like yet, which makes it hard to pick a favourite!

I managed to pick up some seasonal bits, as well as non seasonal, while they were in store and in stock. I love the seasonal things, although I get sad when you can no longer buy them and then having to wait till next year, to see if you can buy them again. I also feel like the bath bombs are getting bigger. I’m not complaining though, it’s just something I’ve noticed, although it could just be me. I’ve added links to the title, where you can get them on the website. I prefer shopping on the website, as your more guaranteed to get what you want, and they have a lot of variety on there too.

Rose Bombshellย 

image image

The first thing I noticed was obviously that it was pink, but most of all the smell. You can probably guess the smell, but it does smell of roses. I love how when you put it in the bath, little yellow petals are floating. I felt so relaxed with this but it might have something to do with the rose oil, that’s helped to make it. What’s also impressive, is you can get more than one bath out of this. It is still available, so I definitely recommend this if your after something, relaxing, romantic and a floral smell. Your skin will be left feeling really soft!

Unicorn Hornย 



I didn’t want to start off on a bad note, but unfortunately I can’t find this on the website at all, which must mean that’s it not available now. However I still thought it was worth putting in, plus I went on the other day and they were still selling it, so if your lucky enough, you might be able to still get it in stores, but don’t take my word for that. It looks amazing, I love how it’s so colourful and I like all the pastel colours together. The smell is floral but fruity as well, almost like those violet sweets you can get. It turns the bath a pretty pink but also creates a lot of bubbles! If you do manage to find this, don’t hesitate!




If any of you saw my favourites on February, you will of found this treasure. Perfect for kids, this will fill your bath up with foam and it looks so cute! The ladybird also turns the bath a purply pink colour. The smell is really fruity, with hint of mint. This bubble bar is definitely luxurious and you can get two baths out of this one. Bonus!

Has anyone had the enjoyment of experiencing any of these?

A x


12 thoughts on “3 Must Have Lush Bath Bombs

    1. I’ve never had The Rose Bombshell before! I love it too! Thank you, I love your blog, Lush is one of my favourite shops! I am too, I will know for next time to buy more before they are gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I recently tried my first bath bomb from lush, tried the Comforter and its AMAZING! Will defintley have to try some others out now after your recommendations, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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