The Trendy Adidas Superstars

(Adidas Superstars In Black – £49.99)

I am probably more of a flats kind of girl anyway, I can’t remember the last time I have worn heels. I could easily get into heels, but when I’m stood up on my feet all day at work for 42 hours a week, when it comes to the weekend I just want to be comfy. Speaking of work, this is one of the reasons why I got these trainers. I wanted something that I could wear comfortably and something that wouldn’t rub my feet. Originally I would of like to of got them in the white as they look really nice, but I had looked everywhere I can’t get them in my size, for my small feet. (I even tried the children’s section!) However after about an hour of searching for white ones, an alternative black version came up. I then started contemplating, but it didn’t take much until they were added to my basket. I also thought to myself, if these were to get ruined/dirty, it wouldn’t look as noticeable as they were in black. The white ones, wouldn’t of been something I would want to wear for work anyway.

Adidas is a company I have been buying from for years. I know exactly what I’m going to get, and I love the styles they bring out. They make wearing trainers cool. As soon as I tried these on, I instantly fell in love with them, and couldn’t wait to wear them for work. They are comfy and casual but trendy, and have a good grip. I’ve just looked and I’ve seen a website that now stocks these in my size in the white.

To buy or to not to buy, that is the question?

A x 


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