The Striped Knit

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a really good Christmas and New Year, and are feeling very motivated and positive for this year. I cannot remember the last time I did an outfit post, it must of been years ago but something inside me wanted to do one. I think because I use to… Continue reading The Striped Knit


Must Have Statement Sling Back Sandals

It's been a long time since I have bought a pair of shoes from River Island and this pair really caught my eye. I got them in black not because that was the only colour they had at the time, but because black goes with everything. ┬áThis is perfect for the summer or should I… Continue reading Must Have Statement Sling Back Sandals


The Black Ankle Boots

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you these amazing boots! For me boots in the winter is an essiential item. Whether it's knee high or ankle ones. Unfortunately for me I can't wear knee high boots though, as my legs are short, it would just look ridiculous! I didn't have any ankle boots for… Continue reading The Black Ankle Boots