Online Avenue’s Gorgeous Knee Highs


Abigail Knee High Stiletto Boots

Something you may have seen a lot of in the media and out and about lately, is knee high boots. They have a real wintery look about them and are so easy to dress, whether its a skater dress, with leggings, tights, jeans etc, the list is endless, especially when purchased in black! I was given the chance to try out these gorgeous black knee high boots by Online Avenue. For those aren’t familiar with Online Avenue, they are an online footwear store, that aims to stay on top of the latest brands. Not only that but everything is affordable for all types of budgets. They have quickly established themselves as a reputable and reliable company. I love how they believe fashion is a right, not a luxury. Be sure to check out there website which I will leave below, for celebrity and catwalk inspired looking shoes.

The overall quality of the shoes, is very good, they are really well made. This may also come as a surprise but despite the very large heel, they are really comfy, with lots of foot space and also very warm. I found that when putting them on, they have quite a wide leg fit which is good because I’ve tried knee highs on before and I couldn’t get them zipped up around my legs. If you’re not into the stiletto type heel, then don’t worry, you can always get them in the wedged style if you prefer, which you can find here. Not only do knee highs make you look taller (obviously) but create the illusion of longer and slimmer looking legs, which is good for a short girl like me! I actually think they’re quite sexy looking too. I don’t know if these are something I could wear all day, an evening out though, I would. I do need to practice walking in them for long periods of time, as they look lovely on.

Website: Online Avenue 

I have so many outfit ideas to style with these boots! Have you got yourself a pair of knee highs?

A x

*Although these were sent to me to review, these opinions are my own and honest.


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