DIY Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve boxes seem to have really taken off this year and I can totally see why. Those who have children or younger sisters and brothers, will know how excited they get on Christmas Eve and most will ask “can I open a present now” Without spoiling there Christmas presents, Christmas Eve boxes are a good idea. I’ve made 3 Christmas Eve boxes to show you and give you some ideas, as it is much cheaper doing them yourself, rather than buying them from somewhere. Another good reason to do them yourself is, you can budget them and put whatever you like in them. Anyways enough rambling, lets get started!


A DVD – DVD’S are a great way of getting your little ones off to bed on Christmas Eve. I actually love watching Christmas films the night before, and I’m 2o! Here I have chosen a selection of DVD’s for different ages. Arthur Christmas has got to be one of my favourite films so I couldn’t not get it for someone!


A Teddy – These are actually from the Disney Store, but teddy’s can be found anywhere, and easy to get. These ones in particular are really soft! Teddy’s are for little ones who can enjoy snuggling to in bed or for the bit older ones. to sit at the end of their bed. After all who doesn’t like Micky and Minnie mouse?!


Little Bits And Bobs – Reindeer food is something really fun to put in, obviously if they’re a bit older and have found out about the truth, then this will be a bit young. Instead you could put hot chocolate in, which is a nice little substitution. I’ve also put in a little bag of sweets. Now this can be anything, but I’ve kept to the theme and got these off the internet, which are called red noses and toes, which are a bit like smarties. This is optional but there is also a little bath bomb I’m going to put in too. Lush are well known for their bath bombs and they have some amazing Christmas bath bombs, which are worth having a look at.


Christmas Decorations – A nice little idea is to put in some personalized decorations or some special decorations. I know a few fans of Frozen so these would make  really nice additions to the tree. There is also a baby’s first Christmas in the family, so this personalized decoration, is a nice touch.


A Book – Instead of a DVD, you could always put in a festive book instead. Like I said, I know a few Frozen fans, so this Olaf book was a must! There’s a good variety of festive books out there, although I understand technology is taking over. They’re perfect for a read before going to sleep, and hopefully help get them off to sleep!

image image

Pyjamas – Lastly who could not forget pyjamas! A pair of festive pyjamas to sleep and wake up in on Christmas Day. They are again from the Disney Store, which have some really nice ones in. I am aware one of the pictures is blurry, however I couldn’t take it again as I’ve already packaged them up!

I’m sure we all agree, we would of loved receiving one of these Christmas Eve, but they weren’t a “thing” then and are more expense.

Will you be making one of these this year?

A x


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