Blogging And Originality

I've heard this question popping up a lot lately and that is, do you think originality still exists, knowing a lot of ideas are already out there? It got me thinking a lot and its an interesting one the more you think about it. I think originality does exist. There are people out there who… Continue reading Blogging And Originality



Polyvore have done something exciting and they're now running competitions on their App. For ┬áthose of you who don't know what Polyvore is, it's a free app that allows you to create outfits, using their library of items from loads of different brands. It's also free to download! Polyvore helps me to pick an outfit… Continue reading Polyvore

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D.I.Y Ice Cream Sundae Box

You will need: A large box A sundae glass Sprinkles Hundreds & thousands Flakes 6 Small boxes 6 Different types of sweets Other things you could include is chocolate sauce and wafers   I recently made this box for my sisters 9th birthday present. When it comes to present, I like to think outside the… Continue reading D.I.Y Ice Cream Sundae Box


DIY Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve boxes seem to have really taken off this year and I can totally see why. Those who have children or younger sisters and brothers, will know how excited they get on Christmas Eve and most will ask "can I open a present now" Without spoiling there Christmas presents, Christmas Eve boxes are a… Continue reading DIY Christmas Eve Boxes