Blogging And Originality

I’ve heard this question popping up a lot lately and that is, do you think originality still exists, knowing a lot of ideas are already out there? It got me thinking a lot and its an interesting one the more you think about it. I think originality does exist.

There are people out there who will blog what everyone else is blogging about, which is fine but that’s not going to help you stand out. Yes its completely fine to blog about fashion, makeup etc I do it, however be yourself and make it your own. By showing your personality through your writing, will really engage your readers, and just be yourself. Don’t try to be like the big bloggers, be yourself and people will like you for you. There is no harm in taking an idea and making it your own, changing a layout, your own writing style, that’s going to help you to be original. Sure you can be known as a fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger, beauty blogger etc, however you can be known as that but without copying someone else.

The hardest part is probably thinking its all been done before, however it doesn’t matter, as long as its original to you, that is the main thing. How many of use have watched a YouTube video, and then another one of our favourite YouTuber’s has done the same video. We still watch that video don’t we? Why though? Well it could be because of their individual personality’s and the fact that even though its the same idea, we all know its going to be different because that person is going to put their own spin on it. See what I’m getting at now?

I think a lot of us who have been blogging a while though, would of got caught up in this to start of with. We all like the idea of being like the people who influenced us to blog, however that can sometimes get confused with, I have to be like them and do what they’re doing to achieve this. This isn’t the case though, as soon as you realise that, you will grab peoples attention. We’ve all had to start somewhere though, and we all continue learning throughout the world of blogging. I think the main thing is, is to not worry, the more we worry about what we look like to our readers, are we engaging enough, am I showing my personality through my writing, are people going to like me, the more we will enjoy writing and that will show, and just maybe you will be someone who inspires others in the future.

I don’t want to drag on, I’m probably just repeating myself a million times, I guess I’m just saying in my opinion we are all original, after all its our own creativity that has made and brought us to blog.

What are your thoughts on this?

A x


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