Lets Get To Know Each Other!

IT IS SO HOT! I am not one for heat, it sounds weird but I actually really like winter. I  have my fingers crossed that we get this thunderstorm the weather people keep talking about. This made me laugh actually, someone on my Facebook had posted these lyrics to describe their bad nights sleep yesterday. I've been… Continue reading Lets Get To Know Each Other!


Blogging And Originality

I've heard this question popping up a lot lately and that is, do you think originality still exists, knowing a lot of ideas are already out there? It got me thinking a lot and its an interesting one the more you think about it. I think originality does exist. There are people out there who… Continue reading Blogging And Originality


5 Ways To Beat Writers Block

We've all been there and even after a year and almost a half, now and again I will get writers blog. It's one of the most frustrating things as well. Sometimes I'll sit for a good hour, trying to think about what to write. My biggest worry, is not creating content that you would want… Continue reading 5 Ways To Beat Writers Block


1 Blog You Need To Follow

So it's been a while since I've mentioned a blog, but this blog in particular, is one that has caught my eye lately and one that I enjoy reading very muchly. Camelia Ophelia is the blog I'm talking about in this post! Real name Tatjana, is a 20 year old girl, who lives in Brighton… Continue reading 1 Blog You Need To Follow


A Few Changes

I don't know if you've noticed but I've made some small changes to blogging. Firstly is that I'm posting at a certain time everyday now. This means you will be getting a post at 5:30pm Uk time. I've been trialling it for a few days, and it's working for me and helping me keep organised… Continue reading A Few Changes