At What Point Are We Good Enough?

Funny question isn’t it? Did it stop you in your tracks and make you think? I guess its personal preference as to what good enough actually is, and I bet a lot of it is comparison to others. When we look like, get to the same ability, have as many likes, have the newest things, are funny enough, as much money, have a big enough personality as someone else we so much as look up to, does that make us good enough? Do any of those things make us any more worth as a person? Or is it the illusion of what we think? The thing is the list could go on and on, until we ourselves think we are good enough if we even got there? However what gives ourselves the right to think that?

I guess this also relates to our own personal goals and what we deem as successful. We may think for example having our dream job, getting a promotion, buying a house, a fancy car, going on big holidays. Yes that is successful, you’ve earnt those things, worked hard for them, however there’s lots of things we don’t think of, that makes us successful, when we may not be in a position to have any of those things listed above. We may not have a big house, or a newer build but we do have a roof over our heads, we may not have our dream jobs or a promotion, but we have a job, one’s that at 90% of the time we are good enough at, that good that we have managed to keep them. There’s lots of small successes too, just getting through a bad day is one of them. Take in to thought all the things I have listed above, which may be deemed “successful” are they really needed? No. It’s nice to have them, but they are luxuries, and goals, and although I myself will be working towards some of those things, do they make me anymore successful? I guess not.

Another point you could look at this is your life journey so far. Most of the things we don’t feel good enough about ourselves, have they come from us, or what we’ve been told by others? Maybe we don’t feel good enough because of things that have been said to us in the past. Words are damaging, and its a tough pill to swallow. Unfortunately they stick and when we think we are over what was said to us, things crop up when we least expect it, or something triggers it. Maybe that’s what also makes us think we have to be more to be good enough, to prove wrong the bad experiences we’ve had in life, but the thing is we don’t need to do anything. We have nothing to prove, and it’s not our fault that others can’t see how good enough we are through their own misty windows.

We are not lacking in any way. It’s just a thought. We need to watch and be careful in the way that we talk to ourselves, and in fact take care of and love ourselves. It’s not easy but if we start of small, we can build up on that. Wake up each day, look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. It doesn’t have to be based on your appearance, it could be “I love the fact that I have the ability to see the good in people who have done wrongful things to me”. I think it’s easy for us to see faults in why we are not good enough, to help us justify things that have affected us to make us think that way. By doing this we are sabotaging many parts of our lives. We actually just need to be ourselves, including all the uncomfortable things that unfortunately come with it. As soon as we accept ourselves, a lot of others accept you too. What actions we have done in the past does not define us. What others actions have done in the past, does not define us either. Make peace with it, the present is what matters.

At What Point Are We Good Enough?

Now. We are good enough now.

A x


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