My Listening Ear 2021 Week 1

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Hey everyone, its been a little while. I must be honest I haven’t really felt motivated to blog or do anything for that matter. I also felt like I didn’t really have anything to add anymore, however after a good talking too, I am back. One thing that has really been getting me through this tough nearly a year of coronavirus is music. I was doing this weekly last year, and then I took a bit of a dip and it kind of got lost, so I am bringing it back, as the response I was getting was really good. Must admit, my music taste isn’t for everyone and should also worn it’s not always upbeat, but I do try to sum it up in a short paragraph as to what the song is like, so you can skip the ones that you don’t think your going to like. As like how I did last time, I will link the YouTube video to each artist and song title, so all you’ll need to do is click the header and it will take you to it.

Kate Nash – Nicest Thing

So I know this is a really old song, but I totally forgot about it until I was watching Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and it featured on there. Honestly, revisiting the lyrics to this song, I forgot how deep they are, wishing that someone thought of you as much as you thought of them, I think we’ve probably all been there. Its not a happy song, but its beautifully wrote, and you will relate to the lyrics in some shape or form.

Hozier  ft. Mavis Staples – Nina Cried Power

So Hozier is an artist that features in this music category quite a lot and if you haven’t realised by now is probably one of my favourite artists. His voice is just amazing, there’s not enough words to describe it. Anyways if you haven’t listened to him, then this is a great introductory song. It’s more upbeat than the previous song I mentioned, and his songs always make me want to dance. Actually to some it up, his songs make a good car playlist. Have I bigged him up enough yet for you guys? Not to mention he is an amazing songwriter and all his songs have so much depth to them, and it doesn’t matter how much you listen to them, you don’t get sick of them. Really listen to the words because they really have so much meaning to them, this one particular is about other musicians and the history that comes with them. Anyways as soon as he tours again, and its safe to do so, I shall be there, even if that means I have to go alone. It’s not the waking, its the rising.

James Gillespie – Don’t Let Me Get Me

Wow, wow, wow! Honestly This song is a classic sung by originally P!nk, but this acoustic version is something else, just so chilled. I listened to this a few weeks ago, and I have no idea how I found it, but I’m glad I’ve discovered James’s voice because it is so faultless. He really does the song justice and everything is just so effortless. It almost doesn’t feel like he’s doing a cover, which is good, that’s how covers should be done, and he makes it his own. This actually really takes me back to my childhood, the album this is from, got me through a lot of my childhood, I think it’s one of the very first albums I owned at the time. There were some really good songs on there, I may have to download it. Also on YouTube there is a live performance of him and P!nk performing together, and its the duet you didn’t know you needed. It is perfect!

Delaney Jane – Monster

I love this song so much, it has such a good beat, it automatically makes you want to dance, because the beat is so good. Actually I might have to see if I can choreograph something to this, that could be fun. I think this is originally a kpop song, but I really like this version. I don’t know there is a lot of controversy around the song etc, from what I can work out Jane wrote the song but sold it to someone else, but anyways who cares because its a great song!

Rostam – “Half-Light” ft. Kelly Zutrau

I am not going to lie, I have a feeling this song is like marmite, you will either love it or hate it, as you can tell, I love it. The only way I can describe it as, is smooth, and an easy listen. It is one of those songs you can just zone out with and just go into a complete daydream. I got this from a programme I was watching called “A Teacher” (if you know, you know, bit of a strange one, not quite sure if I liked it or not) I should probably do a what I’ve been watching post actually, its been a while. I’ve been so worried and sticking so much pressure on what to blog about, that actually I have quite a few things to write up about. Anyways I’m going off subject, another beautiful song to add to your music library.

Hailee Steinfeld – Afterlife

Isn’t Hailee’s voice just amazing? Is there anything she can’t do? Another song with a good beat, and its so catchy too. It’s always so hard to choose which song of Hailee’s to include on here, because they are all so good. I would definitely watch the video to this as it’s so simple but so clever and effective, its all done by candles and really is a work of art itself.

The Greatest Showman – Tightrope

This is my favourite song from The Greatest Showman and I think its the most underrated song from the film too, most people I speak to actually forget about it, which is a crime itself. The words are so beautiful and I also really love the scene as well where this song is taking place. The directions are so simple, yet so effective and delicate, not to mention also how lovely Michelle Williams sung this. Unpopular opinion too, (I really feel like I need to start writing an unpopular opinions page) but I think “Tightrope” is better than “Never Enough”. Don’t get me wrong “Never Enough” is a really great song, but the dynamics to “Tightrope” and the story behind the words, say a lot more to me and should have been given more credit.

If you have any music suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

A x


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