My Listening Ear Week 4 2021

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Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a good week, and if you haven’t I hope next week is a better one for you. Apologies for not posting the last few weeks, I half had something, but I just needed to take some time out, I just felt so tired and busy, and its important to listen to your body. I am hoping to soon post other topics other than music, I just need to start getting ahead with these and then I can start doing that. If its one thing us bloggers know, its that posts take a lot of time and right now my music posts are taking priority, because I know how important music is to me, and so if there is anyone else in the same boat out there, I want them to have this in hope it may help them too. Anyways I am rambling on as per usual, this weeks song choices are

VANÈS – Nightmare

Oooo I like this a lot. This is such an easy to listen to song and her voice is just soft but has such a lovely sound to it. From the first line it caught my attention, not just because of the lyrics but because of the sound too. Whenever I play it, I always find myself singing to it, the chorus is really catchy, and I love the transitioning through the different tempos throughout the track. This is the first time I’ve heard of VANÈS, but it won’t be the last.

James Bay – Us

This is the acoustic version of “Us”. I don’t know why but some artists I prefer their acoustic versions to the original song, and I have to admit for me, James Bay is one of those artists. I think the reason for this, is there is more emotion and depth in his acoustic versions, whereas I feel like in the original versions, that gets lost a bit. One thing I do really like about James’s voice though is his different ranges to it. He has a really rustic sound which I love but when he hits the high notes, its like whoa, do that again because that was something else. I guess what I am trying to say is his voice is raw, and he doesn’t need any auto tuning, or to mess about with it, as it’s great the way it is. I actually think as well that he is an incredibly talented songwriter. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into his music, his lyrics have a lot more depth about them and are cleverly written, they are more than just words. I think you can really appreciate the song so much more because of this.

GRAE – Bang Bang

Oh this song is so cool! This will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before, its just amazing. I love the slow beat breaks that get dropped into it, the tempo is constantly changing but it works so much. Her sound is so unique, and haunting, which just adds to the song, its a little bit of Billie Eilish vibes, so if you like her, you are going to like this. It’s very catchy, and just makes you want to get up and dance from the moment it starts.

Alina Baraz – Lavender and Velvet

I tell you something, I think this is probably one of my favourite ever weeks I’ve done for My Listening Ear, not to blow my own trumpet but the music choices are spot on if I do say myself this week. This is the kind of song you would play in the background at home, or if you went to some kind of quirky bar this would be good. It is just so chilled, but also has some really nice different textures and layers to the song. Alina’s voice is really great, but I think what makes it that way, is it just comes across as so effortless, and like she doesn’t even have to try to force the different ranges out. It’s really quite mesmerising. It’s hard to actually put a genre to this, as it is in it’s own league and I guess is a mixture of a few different genre’s. Another song of hers I would recommend is “Alone With You” but I would definitely check out others as well.

Camila Cabello – Something’s Gotta Give

Firstly Camila Cabello’s album “Camila” is one the very few albums where I’ve liked every single song on it. It’s a very good album with a great mixture of both slow and upbeat tempos. Her lyrics really speak volumes to you, and have so much depth, but also her voice holds so much emotion, that makes every single world feel likes it’s come straight from the heart.

Anna Mae – Bond Girl 

Unfortunately the song of Anna Mae’s I was originally going to share with you all, I actually can’t find anywhere, not even on her own YouTube channel, so I thought I’d share her latest song with you all instead, as this is still worth a listen. Anna doesn’t seem to post as much anymore, but this was only posted a month ago, so maybe we will start getting some more new music. Anna’s voice stands out for me because it has a grungy sound to it, which separates her from a lot of other female voices, you can really hear this in her song “Savages”. Talking about her songs, they are all very different from each other, and you can really see this from the transition of her older videos to her more newer videos.

Natalie Taylor – Surrender

Hmm this is one of those songs that would be great to just have on in the background on a long drive, or to just pretend your in some kind of reality tv show or music video haha. I actually found this on someone’s Instagram story. This song is truly beautiful though, and whatever the circumstance I can’t help but stop what I am doing (when I’m not driving haha) and just get lost in thought. This song just hits different, and Natalie’s voice is just so peaceful and soothing, I could just listen to it all day. I think one of the most strongest lyrics that stays with you from this song is “my love where are you” whether its to do with a relationship, a family member, a friend, or a death, it hauntingly echo’s and stays with you.

Throwback Choice Of The Week

Katy B – On A Mission

Oh the good old dubstep days. This is my throwback song of the week, I thought I would include something a bit more upbeat. Is this song part of a two hit wonder? I can only name two songs of Katy B’s and that is this and “Crying For No Reason” which is very different to “Katy On A Mission”. Katy does seem to have disappeared and not released anything for a long time, she actually went to and graduated from the one and only BRIT school, and this particular song came out in 2010. Interestingly enough this song was 30 weeks in the charts but only made it to no.5 at its peak, which is quite surprising considering it was literally played everywhere. It’s a shame we’ve not heard anything new from her for such a long time, because she could actually sing, and the songs I remember were good, the only thing is, I don’t really feel like dubstep is a thing now, but I guess there is a gap in the market to do something different with it and bring it back. What do you think?

What is one song you could listen to over and over again and never get bored of?

A x


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