My Listening Ear Week 5 2021

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Hey everyone, hope you all have had a good week, mine has been very busy and tiring, but has had a lot of positives in too. I also really need to get a move on with my Christmas shopping too, anyone started or finished theirs yet? I am usually more organised than this, but I guess its all part of the Christmas fun. By the way, hasn’t the weather been crazy the last few days? Here we have had snow, rain, hail and a lot of wind! I am back with another 8 songs this week, however next week’s music choices are going to be a little bit different, so look out for that, but if Christmas is not your thing, then maybe don’t haha. I was actually thinking earlier, when I do my throwback songs, I wonder how many people know them. I think my audience on here, are around similar ages to me, but there must be a few which are like, what is this?! Without further ado, I hope you enjoy what I’ve picked!

BOBBi – Calling Out ft. Hannie

This is a really nice one to open up the blog post with. It’s a song that captures you straight from the moment it starts. I first heard it from the Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things” which is a really good series by the way, but features a lot of amazing songs like this one. The song has so much depth to it and it’s just so beautiful, I just love it so much.

Dean Lewis – Half A Man

This man is incredibly talented and I’m very sure I have featured him on here in a post from My Listening Ear last year, with his song “Waves” which never gets old and I love it as much now as what I did then, however lets talk about “Half A Man”. His voice is so soothing and makes you want to listen to what he has to say straight away, and with this song I really encourage you to listen to the words of this one, they are just so powerful. I don’t know why but when I listen to this, it instantly connects to my heart and kind of gives it a weird feeling. Not sure if it’s pain but I’ve definitely been there when I’ve not loved myself, and I guess it’s a feeling that’s still there a bit, and I’m sure I’m not on my own with this one. Dean Lewis really knows how to connect with people, and that’s probably what I love most about his story telling within his music.

Sylvan Esso – Hey Mami

So moving on to something a bit happier but still quit low key is “Hey Mami” which is very catchy. I love the different harmonies going on in this but then comes the bass and the song don’t get me wrong was good without it, but with the bass it just adds so much more. If you know, you know. I like that it isn’t so in your face, its got a really nice smooth transition to it, and it just works so well against the vocals. Actually it’s a really good one to play in the morning when you wake up. I use to listen to music every morning before going to work, and I’m starting to think that maybe I should do that again, as it just starts your day off on a really good note, so maybe I’ll put together a little playlist on Spotify for that.

Michele Morrone – Feel It 

Hmm this sounds like its from a Fifty Shades soundtrack, it isn’t, but it just has those kind of vibes I’ve just realised it sounds like “Earned It” by The Weeknd, which is why I am getting these impressions, but switching off from that, I do really like Michele’s voice, he has a really nice tone to it, it’s quite an easy song to listen to and just leave it on in the background as it feels very chilled.

Galantis – True Feeling

This is just one of those songs that instantly makes you feel happy when you hear it. It’s a song that distracts you from what you’re doing because you start of tapping your foot, and then next minute it turns into a full dance break, and in your head you’re performing to thousands.

Chet Faker & Flume – Drop the Game

Firstly the video to this is incredible, the dancer is soooooo good! If you haven’t watched it, it’s a must, he looks as though he is feeling every single beat, and Flume are just on a whole another level when it comes to their beats anyways. This is one of those songs that you probably have forgotten about over the years, and it brings back all the feels from when you first heard it. The beat is just like no other, and before you know it you’ve automatically started bopping to it without even thinking. It’s a song that never ages, it seems to stay current no matter what year you play it in, and just doesn’t get old.

Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down

This couldn’t of been any different to the others songs I’ve recommended on this post, but yet the sound and everything is very me, and I probably listen to a lot of similar styles of music to this, so I thought it was a nice one to finish on before I go to my bonus track for the week. You’ve probably heard this featured on a lot of series/tv shows and I can understand why, because it’s just so raw and just perfect in so many ways. Again this has a very good video to match with it, and I would really recommend listening to their other tracks if your really into kind of grunge music, there’s just so much depth.


Panic! At The Disco – Nine In The Afternoon

Watching this music video back now, makes me remember how chaotic but nevertheless fun it is. It’s very creative, however I have not a clue what is actually going on. This song was released in 2008 which actually makes it around 13 years old now, makes you feel old now right? I actually use to have quite a big crush on Brendon Urie.. anyways here are some facts I’ve found out about the song. This was the first single released by the band since they lost the exclamation point at the end of their name.┬áIt’s also the first song they wrote all together. This is the first Panic At The Disco song where the title is part of the lyrics, which I actually find very interesting. Panic At The Disco haven’t released any new music for 2 years, but here’s to hoping for some new material in the future. *fingers crossed*

A x


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