My Listening Ear 2021 Week 3

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Hello everyone! I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to blog again! This really is such a passion of mine and I should never of given it up. Anyways I am back with more music for you, 7 songs for 7 days of the week. I do really like looking back at these posts, because my music choices really do reflect on what kind of week I am having, and I just find it so interesting. I never thought that my music choices would gain much interest, but you guys seem to really like them, so for as long as you like them, I shall keep doing them. I was actually thinking of doing this with what I have been watching every few weeks as well, because I love looking at what other people have been watching. This week, I have selected a very chilled (mostly) kind of laid back playlist, there’s a few with more of a quicker tempo, but mainly just very calm pieces. I’ve also included a throwback track at the end, a blast from the past, the sort that were in your music memory somewhere, but did forget about to a degree. I think it’s not until you hear these back, that you realise how much music has evolved over the years.

Taylor Swift – Exile (feat. Bon Iver)

You can probably guess where I’ve got this from, the last episode of “You” season 3, which is amazing by the way, but that might be for another post. I fell in love with this song instantly, it just went perfectly with the scene. Now listening to the song away from the the show, it gives me a whole lot of other feelings, its just amazing, and Taylor’s and Bon’s voices go together so well. I do encourage people to really take time to listen to the lyrics, because you’ll discover your own relation and meaning to it. Such an underrated song clearly, for me to only just hear of it now. It really is faultless.

Pale Waves – Fall To Pieces

Pale Waves gives me serious Avril Lavigne vibes and takes me back to being an 8 year old girl singing in my bedroom with my fake microphone. Eeek. I actually didn’t realise how long they had been around for, until I started looking at their older stuff. This song is very very catchy, and will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, the only problem I have with it, is I wish it was longer, it seems over quite quickly, most songs would have another 30 seconds at least. However I do love her style and bringing punk rock back, its a shame that genre isn’t as popular as what it use to be. Maybe I just need to accept the fact that I’m getting old now and TikTok songs seem to be the trend at the moment haha, but it really is unfortunate that bands like this aren’t bigger in the current era. If you do like Pale Waves’s music, I’ve just looked, and they are in fact touring the UK early next year which is cool. My other favourite songs of theirs is “One More Time” and “Noises” but definitely check out their album “Who Am I?”. I actually forget where I am when I start zoning out to their music haha, it does feel very early 2000’s.

Lloren – The Start (stripped)

Wow wow wow. From the instant this song starts it draws you in, and her voice is so captivating, its just magic. The tones are just incredible. Do you ever think to yourself, it’s so not fair I can’t sing? I’ve had singing lessons, I still can’t sing haha. Anyways going back to Lloren she is very talented, not to mention she wrote this song by herself, and can play an instrument, so very gifted. I should also mention that if you’ve not heard the non stripped version, then I would also definitely recommend that as well, as it’s just as good as this version. It’s definitely more upbeat but I find this version more soothing and easy to listen to for when I’m in a calm mood, and don’t want to hear anything to+o heavy. Does that make sense? I find things like this easier to listen to when I want to get jobs done like writing my blog, otherwise I end up getting too distracted, but if I’m doing like the cleaning then I’d rather listen to music with more of a tempo. I can’t help but notice that this does sound a lot like Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” which is another great song, but the likeliness is quite scary, nevertheless both fantastic singers, and “The Start” is still amazing in its own right, but if you do decide to listen to them both, let me know if you agree or if I’m just going crazy.

Rag’n’Bone Man, P!nk – Anywhere Away from Here

I should probably start off with saying I am not usually a massive fan of Rag’n’Bone Man’s music, I really didn’t like “Giant” however I stumbled across this song, really don’t have a clue how either, but this song really does hit differently. Two very powerful voices, sung with a lot of emotion behind them and compliment each others, which makes a perfect collab, not to mention a powerful message as well. The video is lovely too.

Maisie Peters – Favourite Ex 

I like this song more for the melody and probably not the lyrics, because I really don’t have a favourite ex, and will happily never talk to any of them ever again, haha. Going back to the melody though its quite soft and sweet and I love the pauses in-between the words she sings in the chorus as well, very pure, and her voice is lovely. The music video I’ve linked to this is actually really clever and quite good to watch. It’s a lyric video too, so if you’re like me and enjoy looking at and taking in the lyrics, then you’ll like this. Plus you can sing along with Maisie as well!

LYRA – Falling

Do you ever just forget about a song and then hear it again and it reminds you how much you loved it. This is it. More of an upbeat song for you guys compared to the ones I’ve listed so far. Apparently this is from Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve never watched it, so if you can’t work out where you may have heard it before, there’s a chance it could be that. I think I may have heard it from a different show, but can’t put my finger on what. I can imagine it however to be a really good background for a very dramatic scene. I think as well for me, its a song I instantly can put in my head dance choreography to, which is always a sign to an amazing song. LYRA’s voice reminds me a lot of Sia’s, who is one of my favourite ever artists. I just love voices that are so unique and that stand out from everyone else. This song is soooo good, like I think this is the third time in a row I’ve just listened to it, and each time is like I’ve heard it for the first time again. Do I need to say anymore?

Martha’s Man – If Your Heart Feels Mine

Well isn’t this just a song that makes you happy and smile. I’m not sure why though as I don’t think the lyrics are as happy, quite optimistic but not sure overly happy. I can really picture this in a rom-com film, which is where I am thinking I’ve got this from because other than that, this song is 9 years old, and I feel its a common thing I’m saying through this post, but genuinely don’t understand where I got it from. Just to explain a little, I use a music app, which picks up any songs I don’t know the name or artist of, all I have to do is press a button on my phone and it tells me. Anything I hear, that I think is worth recommending, I use the app, and then come back to saved list when I write these blog posts, which leads me on to saying I have loads backed up on there! This is why I never quite know where I’ve picked up songs from because some are just from what I might of heard whilst shopping etc, so I hope that’s cleared that up. Anyway’s go check this song out and let me know if you have heard it from anything haha.

Dido – Here With Me

Well who remembers this?! I thought this song tied in very well with the rest of the songs I picked for this week. Can you believe that this song was released in 1999 and is about 22 years old, I was 4 haha. Despite this being a really great song, it does remind me of 2 things, one of them being that really dramatic scene in the film Love Actually, the other being something no one ever seems to remember when I tell them, and that is Roswell. Please do comment if you do remember this, because I am starting to feel I am making it up! There are so many songs I could name of Dido’s that I really like, but I should say this is my favourite of hers. I like the way that this song just constantly builds and builds and then the beat kicks in. Here is a little fact for you, there was actually 2 music videos made for this, the second one was made when Dido got popular in the US. Its quite refreshing to hear her voice actually, and I am probably going to give a lot of her other songs a listen now.

Have a lovely weekend!

A x


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