My Listening Ear 2023 Week 1

I have a slightly delayed post, all will be explained in the next post I think, but one of the main reasons as well is from being poorly. I actually think if it wasn’t for being poorly, you would have got a post last week, which is pretty annoying, but I am aiming to get 2 posts out this week, with this being one of them. Can I just say though, has anyone else been on and off poorly these last few months, I’ve had a lot on, but this is really unusual for me. If you are currently unwell at the moment, I hope you get better soon! I have an interesting selection of songs for you this time and I would say the genre is actually quite “pop” compared to normal, so I apologize if this is not for you, however there will be plenty of songs in future posts where the genres will be all over the place like normal. I do really enjoy doing these sorts of posts, as it allows me to have fun with it and discover and rediscover songs that I had forgotten about or just new artists. I hope you enjoy the songs I have selected for this post!

Zara Larsson – WOW (Remix) ft. Sabrina Carpente

To kick start off this year’s first listening ear is Zara Larsson’s “WOW”. I love the beginning of this song and the intensity of it at first. Then the different tempo change just adds even more to the song too. Sabrina and Zara’s voices work so well together, and their vocal ranges are incredible individually, let alone when they are together. They should definitely think about collaborating again. I’m sure another song would be welcomed just as much as this one.

Jessie Murph – About You

I don’t think this is the first time I’ve recommended one of Jessie’s songs, I’m sure I previously mentioned “Pray” which I still love even now, but “About You” has just been released and I instantly thought it deserved sharing. I hope one day Jessie gets the recognition she truly deserves as she is incredibly talented, and her voice is unique. I actually think the reason she is underrated is because she creates the music she wants to and doesn’t follow trends. It’s nice to have a fresh solo female artist making new music, as I don’t feel like there’s as many at the moment especially those who separate themselves from others. This song is more about her voice for me, I love how it breaks, and is so distinctive. Personally, I can’t relate to the lyrics at this present time, but I am sure there’s going to be many people who can if you have recently experienced heartache or are going through something at the moment with a relationship. My only criticism would be I think there’s unnecessary use of a word in there but nevertheless it’s still a good song and I look forward to hearing what else she brings out in the future.

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero

HOW GOOD IS THIS SONG? I honestly need to listen to the rest of Taylor’s album because if it’s like this tune, I am going to love it. I think Taylor is one of the few artists I would actually go and see on tour. I love how her music has evolved over the years and it just keeps getting better and better! Her lyrics are very clever, and I especially love the lyrics to this song, I find them very relatable. Not so much now but the lyric “when my depression works the graveyard shift” is one of the ones that stands out more to me. It is one of those songs that I try not to have on repeat as I don’t want to overplay it and get bored because I have been that person in the past haha. The music video is pretty good as well, but then again when does a music video from Taylor Swift disappoint? I just really enjoy how creative she is with everything she does.

Glass Animals – Tangerine

If you liked “Heatwave” then you will definitely like this. The music video may come across as quite silly but there is quite an important message being perceived, it’s definitely worth a watch. This is what I love about Glass Animals though, they’re beats are so uplifting and feel good, but their lyrics are the complete opposite. You kind of feel guilty at times for bopping yourself to the beat, but in a way, I think it’s a clever way of doing things as it immediately captures your attention, so you listen to the lyrics and get the true message.

Leah Nobel – Beginning Middle End

Some of you may be familiar with this song as it is from “To All The Boys: Always And Forever” where I first heard it and instantly fell in love with it. I love the title and I love the lyrics and now I’ve just been listening to it, it actually makes me want to watch this film again, all maybe the whole trilogy! (I hope they are still on Netflix!) Not only are they great films, but they also have an excellent soundtrack too! I like that this is a love song, as most songs these days are about heartbreak and getting over someone. I love that the title of the song is simple, with only three words, yet you instantly know the meaning behind it. I think I must be getting soppier as I am getting older! The song is catchy and it’s kind of pop mixed with folk which I like as again as I mention a lot, it just makes it that bit more different to other songs that you heart from day to day.

Throwback Song Of The Week

Sugababes – Denial

This is definitely a blast from the past! This song was released from Sugababes album “Change” in 2008, which makes this song 15 years old. It was the third and final single released from their album, which surprised me when I read that as it seems artists release a lot more tracks from their albums these days, which may actually be one of the reasons as to why they don’t sell as well now. Do people still buy albums? This was also Sugababes 21st single release which in all honesty I thought there would be more than that by the time this one came out. I recently heard this on a programme (wait does that make me sound old calling it a programme?) I have been watching, and it’s a song I had forgotten about completely. I forgot how catchy it is, and instantly found myself singing to it. Isn’t it funny how you remember lyrics to songs you’ve not heard in years? Anyways, I hope you enjoy this “pop” number I’ve included in this week’s throwback.

What songs would you recommend?

Amy x


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