TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Wax

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I got this product as a sample for spending so much on the website feelunique. I have always heard good things from TIGI but never got round to trying any products out, so when I saw this at the checkout as a sample, I was eager to try it. The product does what it says it does by giving a strong hold, and that its long lasting. It made my hair super sleek for the day and I was impressed in that way. It also creates a good grip and definition. However I really didn’t like the texture of this, i know its wax but it felt like i was sticking clay in my hair. It was really sticky and quite hard to use and style my hair because of this. Not only that but it made my hair feel super greasy and look dirty which I was really impressed with. It may do a good job but for me it’s not worth having a dirty hair look so I don’t think I would buy this product in full. This doesn’t put me off TIGI products though, I’m still very much open minded about this brand and my experience with this product, wouldn’t put me off trying any of the other products in their range as there is loads. I am glad though that I got given the chance to get a free sample as this allowed me to try before I buy.

Whats your favourite TIGI hair product?

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Wax 

A x


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