Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams And Ambitions

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely messages and love on my return to my blog, it’s been very warming. If you are a new follower, then welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here and are able to take something away from it. I thought I would touch on something that I feel like doesn’t really get talked about enough and that is dreams and ambitions. I feel there is a lot of negativities around having a dream or being ambitious and it’s very easy for others or ourselves to shut them down before even trying. We are often told that we are aiming too high or it’s not going to happen but how do we know if we just give up. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is whether it’s something you’re saving up for, a career you are aiming for or if you want to better yourself at something or learn something, it can be absolutely anything, it’s never too big or too small.

Dreams and ambitions help us achieve things. They give us ambition and drive to achieve. They affect how we live our daily lives, and at one point we even may have even dreamed of some of the things we have in our lives now. Of course, there are some negatives to have dreams and ambitions. We may have setbacks, failures or rejections along the road, but we shouldn’t give up and we shouldn’t be afraid to have goals because of this. Nothing comes easy and these things make us stronger and more appreciative when we do achieve these things and if you’re motivated enough, you will get through them, no matter how much you feel like giving up. Sometimes we set ourselves big dreams to achieve, doesn’t mean they are impossible though. We should also not compare our journey to someone else’s. I am very guilty of this. I look at other people who have already achieved what I wanted to achieve, and I look at their age and how quick they have managed to do it and before I know it, I’m in some downward spiral. Sometimes it feels like I’m failing because I’m not where someone else is already, but we shouldn’t feel that way. We don’t know the other person’s circumstances, and our journeys are unique to us. It’s what gives us stories to tell and memories to look back on.

Now I know it’s easier said than done, but what are we actually loosing if we don’t even try. It’s better to try than to do nothing at all, because the hard truth is, we achieve nothing that way. Who knows what could happen! I touched a little bit on this in my last post but rather than look at the bigger picture, why not just change something small in your routine and do that for a month and then next month change something else and build it up that way. I have some blogging ambitions; I was never going to achieve them by not even blogging haha. The self-doubt and worry of what other people would think was stopping me from even doing that, so I decided to just go for it, not ignore how I feel but to dissect why I’m feeling that way and what would happen if I just took that risk. There were very few negatives to positives. I really encourage to write a list of pros and cons if you are ever struggling with a decision on something as seeing it out in front of you can really help. So here is where I am with that, this month I’m just going to post as and when I can, next month I may come up with more of a plan but for now I am just enjoying getting myself back into it, not put as much pressure on it and go with the flow.

The same goes with if you’re wanting to save for something like a holiday, or a nice pair of shoes you’ve seen. You’re probably going to think what’s the point this is going to take me months or even years, but why does that actually matter? There is no time scale on when you should achieve things by, as it’s personal and imagine how good the feeling will be when you do finally get to the amount you need to save for that one special thing. I do understand how times are hard at the moment and a lot of people are struggling at the moment, but we shouldn’t dismiss things that we would like in life, especially when we work hard. Anyways I am not going to go down the route as I could go on for forever about things but don’t give up, even if it’s just treating yourself to your favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavored ice-cream.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is age and this is something I’ve been struggling with myself as well. As I have been getting older, I feel like I need to set smaller ambitions because I have less time to achieve them, or I have an ambition or dream and rule it out straight away because I feel like if I wanted to achieve that, then I should have already started working towards it sooner in life. I must say and can’t stress enough, how completely wrong I am and was to think that. There is no age limit on dreams and ambitions. It is never too late to start. There are so many people who achieved things later on in life and that is an accomplishment just as much as someone achieving the same thing at a younger age. Age doesn’t matter. It is all about the mindset though, and it takes practice and time to get there. So, if you’re feeling like, well why can’t I get there, trust me, you will, I did.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

Amy x


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