Tips For Starting A Blog In 2020


There’s no doubt about it that blogging has changed my life. It has been my little corner of the internet for almost 6 years and wow that time has gone very fast! If you look right back at where it started, (I actually wouldn’t its very cringe) to where it is now, it’s changed a lot! The place where it is now though, I really love, and this year especially, I have seen it grow enormous amounts and I am forever grateful that so many of you continue to follow my journey and support me. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all the time you take to read my posts, like them, leave lovely comments and emails.

However, just because I have been doing this for 6 years, doesn’t mean that its too late for any of you reading this to start a blog. There’s lots of controversy over whether blogging has died out etc. I honestly think not, I think its actually making a comeback. You really need to think of why your starting a blog though. If its just with the idea of earning money and getting free products to review, I will tell you now that’s not going to work. I started mine as a hobby and with time that’s when I started being asked to review things, invited to things etc. Things take time, work and patience, and there will be times when you work really hard on a post, and it doesn’t get the response you want and yes, it is disheartening. However there will also be times when you think you’ve wrote a really rubbish post and it does really well haha.

One thing I will say is get yourself a domain name, I got mine from the start, and it’s just a lot more professional. I understand not everyone has the money to get one, but it will help increase interest in your blog. If you don’t though, that is perfectly fine, it doesn’t make anyone’s blog better than others, it all depends what you want to get from it, and if you are bothered about your stats etc.

Another thing which is super important is, write what you want to write about, not follow what everyone else is writing. This is why I think blogging lost its popularity, is because people were struggling to come up with fresh new ideas. Write exactly what comes to mind, don’t be afraid to show your personality and be open. Ever since I’ve opened up a lot about my struggles and journey through life, it’s been a real turning point. Take your time writing your posts, don’t stick too much pressure on yourself, and if you are having a writers block, then walk away and come back to it again later. One thing that has helped me is coming up with a schedule. At the moment I am posting twice a week, and for me that’s manageable, anything else is a bonus. The minute you leave it weeks between posting, is the minute people are going to lose interest.

Set your blog mini goals that you want to achieve, whether that’s getting your first 25 followers, or 100 views in a month, by setting smaller goals you are likely to achieve more. Also take the time to respond to peoples comments and engage with your readers, we all like to feel included, and want to relate to you.

Most importantly though, just have fun! I have made some friends for life through blogging and that is one thing I will treasure for forever. I love my audience on here, and we are a very friendly group, and no one judges. Its the best decision I have made and I am so glad that when I felt like quitting, I didn’t, as I would be lost without it. So if you are thinking of starting a blog, just do it!

Which leads me on to saying, I am giving one of you the opportunity to guest post on this blog. I have never done it before, but would love to share someone else’s writing. So if you have something you would love to share on this blog send an email to and I will get back to you!

Look forward to hearing from you,

A x


One thought on “Tips For Starting A Blog In 2020

  1. Great advice…. especially about things taking time, work, and patience… Thankfully I always been a big picture person and value slow progress over no progress…


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