Must Have Flats By Steve Madden

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, I know, which I might go into detail in another post, but for now, hello to all my new followers and hello to all my old followers. Thank you for following this blog, and for your patience with me, it means a lot.

Lets talk about these Steve Madden flats. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but one of my favourite prints is leopard print! My favourite pair of leopard print flats have pretty much had it, so I wanted to treat myself to some new ones. I came across Steve Madden, on an Instagrammer’s post, and instantly fell in love with his shoes straight away! I love his style, and I could of easily got a few pairs of shoes. I am already thinking of maybe purchasing some leopard print trainers, but after I’ve done a shoe clear out first haha. I can’t believe its taken me this long to buy my first pair!


Does anyone have those few pairs of shoes that you are so protective of? This pair is one of those! I will only wear them, if I know the weather is going to be alright, or if I know I’ll be mainly indoors. However in summer, these are getting worn to death. I have never worn shoes that are so soft on my feet, usually you find that with new shoes, you have to wear them in, but not with these beauties, they were instantly comfy. Sizing is really good too, very true to size, so you don’t have to threat about sending them back.


I love how sassy they are too and can be styled in so many different ways. Personally I would wear them with jeans, leggings, black smart trousers etc, the possibilities are endless. Whatever the occasion, these will be suitable, and I love the fact you can last all day in them, because did I mention they are comfy. Not only that, but they only have a small heel on them, which means your not looking forward to the time you can take them off your feet. What also drew me to them was the actual shaping, they are just something a bit different. The gold bar, is the perfect final touch. For someone who wears a lot of black, these are the perfect staple piece to any outfit.


I think these cost around £80-£90, which considering the amount of use you are going to get out of them, and how long they will last, isn’t bad at all. If you think if you get some less costly shoes, they aren’t going to last as long, and then you’re going to end up buying shoes to replace them, and before you know it you’ve spent £80 on a couple of pair of shoes. I will still buy cheaper shoes, but if you know its something you are going to wear a lot of, then personally I spend a bit more on that item. I think its safe to say I would definitely recommend Steve Madden!


Steve Madden’s website:- https://www.stevemadden.eu/uk

Similar pair to my shoes linked here:- https://www.selfridges.com

Have you made any Steve Madden purchases recently?

A x


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