What I’ve Been Up Too

Hey guys, hope all is okay, I’ve not blogged for a few days or more! I’m getting really busy now it’s so close to Christmas! So this is an update of what I’ve been up to these last few days…

Friday 5th December 

Today I went to go and watch my favourite dance group, Diversity Perform! They were amazing and our seats were sooo good for the price, we sat so close to the stage! There were  dancing, magic, gymnastics and much more. The effects were brilliant, the light up costumes were great and the music was good too, along with the many different dance styles, something for everyone. It’s well worth the money and the best bit? They have just announced another tour for next year! Save me a seat…


Saturday 6th December 

Today I went out and drove my car for the first time since I’ve passed my test. It was so weird not having anyone marking you down for things your not doing right, however I did constantly feel watched. I then did a little bit of shopping in Tesco finished off by going home and watching Christmas films while having some food. But of a lazy day, I also wrote out what I had left to get everyone for Christmas and made a new Cd for my car, as I don’t have any Cd’s for my car yet. So I had a bit of a lazy day.


Sunday 7th December 

Today I drove to meadowhall and back! Who knew driving is so tiring! When my boyfriend and I got there we had some food, by the way who struggles to choose where to eat? We also tried to find somewhere to sit and some lovely couple said we could have their table, as those of you who have ate at meadowhall know that finding a table, is like finding wheres Wally. It’s a hard process. Afterwards we decided to tackle our Christmas shopping and I got the majority of mine done. I had quite a productive day that day. Oh and we put the tree up!


Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th December

Work has been so busy as it’s Christmas. I hate it when it’s like this. In the evenings I’ve been wrapping up presents, trying to get a bit done each day. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. Anyone else finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit? Also been watching more Christmas films like Elf and Arthur Christmas, love those films, I could do with getting some more if I’m honest. What is everyone else’s favourite Christmas film?


My blog posts will be going back to normal now, and I shall be posting everyday like usual. What has everyone else been up too? 

A x


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