Makeup Storage

Makeup storage is one of a girls dilemmas. I’d still like to get some boxes and things, to make it more organised, if I’m honest but I still have a lot of makeup I need to sort out and organise, but I’ve made a start and right now, I’ll make do with what I’ve got. Before hand this was all stored behind my mirror and that just wasn’t practical. This makes a big difference and should be a bit more easier to find things.


In this draw is all to do with eyes, I also have some Ted Baker bath goodies in there.


In this basket is my eyeliners, mascara’s, eyeshadows, eyebrow pencils etc.


I keep forgetting I have these purses because I had no where to put them, so I thought if I put then here then I’ll see them and use them.


In this draw I have my dry shampoos, facial wipes and you can’t see but I also have some eyeshadow pallets.


I’ve got all my face powders, foundations, face creams, blushers in a basket, also in this draw.


I got this star tin with a nail varnish as a gift, so I’ve taken the nail varnish out  and put my bobby pins in. Hopefully I won’t lose any now but I can’t see that happening!

That is my new storage system for you guys. It is a lot easier being able to see what you’ve got. At the moment it’s working for me, and it’s so much easier  and so much more tidier. If any of you know any good places that do storage which would be good for makeup, please let me know in the comments as I’d like to improve this. Thank you in advance! 

A x


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