Tanya Burr Lashes

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(Tanya Burr Everyday False Eyelashes £5.49)

Tanya Burr eyelashes are the latest product from her cosmetics range. She also has a range of lip glosses and nail polishes. I decided to try her everyday flutter eye lashes from her range. There are six different types of lashes in Tanya’s collection, including individual lashes and “bambi eyes”. I’ve not used false eyelashes in a long time, however I think they look really nice for a night out but these ones in particular I wanted to go for as they are for everyday wear, even though I won’t be wearing them everyday. These are really nice for just a natural makeup look. I always find false eyelashes quite fiddley, however these were so easy to put on, the glue wasn’t tacky, it properly stuck the false ones on. They felt so light on. These are beautiful on and give my lashes a fuller look. I will be buying more of them and I would definitely recommend.

Has anyone else tried these? 

A x


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