Hanging Out With Farmers

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So on Saturday I went to a young farmers dinner dance. I’m not a young farmer, it was an event open to the public, I thought it was nice to do something a bit different. We arrived at 7:10pm, ready for everything to start at 7:30pm. Me and my boyfriend got drinks then sat at our table. I was sipping on archers and lemonade and then tamed it down to a J2O. (I know how to party!) Our first course arrived, homemade soup. It was delicious. The vegetables were lovely and the thickness of it was spot on, with a crusty buttered bread roll, it was super tasty. Next course was roast beef served with Yorkshire pudding, mash potato, parsnips and peas with gravy. I only have one word for this….yummy! Lastly we had banoffe pie. I wasn’t too keen on this as it had a coffee frosting on the top and I don’t like coffee, so it was a bit disappointing. The raffle was then drawn. We won a bottle of Jack Daniels and a hamper. The hamper included, plum bread, ginger biscuits,  three types of marmalade, a mug, bag of crisps and cherry pop. We did very well with the prizes, I must say. Then it was time for The Dirty Red Carpet. The band. Everyone was up on their feet dancing. They played music through all different eras. There was something for everyone. It came to 11:30pm and our eyes couldn’t take it much longer we went home and went to sleepys. We had a lovely evening though and you could see a lot of effort was put into the event.

Who goes to young farmers?

A x


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