You don’t need to have certain branded eye shadows to create the perfect smokey eye, you can simply use the ones you have in your makeup bag.


Step 1) 

Chose a light and a dark shade out of your eye shadows. Use more warm colours for sophistication, or use darker colours for a more edgier look. 

Step 2)

Use the light shade as a base, applying over the full lid, up to the brow. 

Step 3

Take the darker shade along the upper lash line, blending into the crease and sweep up, and out to emphasise the smokiness of the eye.

Step 4

With the lighter colour again, or a different lighter shade, highlight the inner corner of the eye, blending in well.

Step 5

If you have any, then use a shimmering eyeshadow dust, apply over the lid and flick outwards, emphasising the outer corner of the eye.


Step 6

Add drama with a bit of eye liner. Applying to the inner part of the eye will create more of an edgier look. Apply 2 coats of mascara.

What do you think?

A x


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