Ted Baker Smellys

Now most of you know by now I love Ted Baker so I just couldn’t resist on sharing these products with you. These will all leave you feeling gorgeous and good about yourself. 



1. Ted Baker Orchid Hand Cream


Infused with Shea butter and a twist of raspberry this hand cream smells beautiful. Definitely is the best hand cream by far I’ve used and doesn’t dry my hands out. The tube lasts a long time, and is a great size to put on your handbag!

2. Ted Baker Orchid Body Soufflé 


This has a lovely smell like the others in this range. It is not lumpy and bumpy when applied on to the skin and not oily. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised all day. Another great product for a good pamper, I definitely recommend.

3. Ted Baker Orchid Bath Foam


This has a mixed scent of, rose, sandalwood, raspberry, and divine vanilla. This is lovely to pour in the bath and have a pamper session. This smells lovely, with a bit of a spice smell too. You’ll be sure to leave the bath feeling gorgeous. 

4. Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Lotion


This has an infusion of red fruit, bergamot, tuberose and patchouli. This has a beautiful floral smell and smells lovely on my skin. It’s lovely to put on just after you come out the bath. What’s good about this lotion is, a little goes a long way

5. Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Scrub


This is one of my favourite and best body scrubs I have ever used. It definitely revives your skin. Make sure not to apply too much to your skin as that what makes it oily. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised without fail. The smell is lovely and feminine. 

6. Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Wash


This body wash lathers up really well and leaves you feeling gorgeous. The packaging is lovely, love the butterfly design. It’s is light on the body and has a beautiful smell. It is soft and delicate on the skin and leaves you feeling and smelling fresh. Perfect for everyday use. 

You can get this gift set from: Amazon

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