The Body Shop Body Butters

I just love body butters! They are so good for your skin and leave your skin feeling soft. One tub goes a long way, they are definitely worth the price! I would be lost without them!

1. Satsuma Body Butter 


This body butter is great for normal skin as well as dry skin. The smell is nice but doesn’t compliment my skin as well as the others. The smell definitely lasts all day. I like that’s it’s not greasy and that the cream just sinks in straight away, leaving it really soft and my skin in a lot better condition.

2. Cranberry Body Butter 


This is the best smelling body butter apart from the strawberry one, that I have smelt! It definitely has a real Christmassy smell to it. This has a really good texture and smells good on the skin. This really does leave my skin soft and silky. It’s a real shame that it’s just a Christmas special, as I’d happily buy this all year round!

3. Mango Body Butter


This body butter melts straight into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This has the best consistency out of all 6 I have shown here. These are all really good for dry skin. The smell is lovely, maybe a little strong but I can deal with it, as it’s such a good moisturiser, and works perfectly for me.

4. Pink Grapefruit Body Butter


These body butters just smell sooo good! This is definitely one of my favourite ones! I honestly feel like I could eat this. It’s just so fresh, but not overpowering. This keeps my skin smooth, silky and hydrated. The butter absorbs quickly but  doesn’t feel sticky when I apply it onto my skin.

5. Coconut Body Butter


This smells sooooo good! This isn’t greasy or oily when applied on to the skin. This is really hydrating and perfect for dry skin. The scent isn’t too strong either. When applied in the morning, it lasts all day. I also know someone who uses this for her eczema and it works wonders for her. 

6. Sweet Pea Body Butter Duo


This body butter has 2 types of moisture. One side being a light cream for areas of the skin that need less hydration. The other side being a more richer cream for dry skin areas. This butter smells nice but also feels nice on the skin. It’s a great combination and I feel it really leaves my dry skin on my knees and elbows feel soft. It’s a great combination, definitely recommend! 

Whats your favourite body butter? 

Get body butters from here: The Body Shop

A x


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