Bank Mini Haul

Good morning guys! It’s the weekend! Think I’m just going to have a chilled one. Can’t believe I’ve been back at work for a week, it feels like we never even broke up! Haha. Anyways I have another haul for you, if you don’t like hauls, then you probably won’t like my recent posts… sorry! On the upside the majority of you do, so here is a few more items I’d like to share with you..

1. The Oriental Print Kimono 

image image image

I didn’t own a kimono until now, I just didn’t find any that had stood out to me. What I love about kimonos is how versatile they are, you can wear this casually on the beach over a bikini, or you can dress over a pair of black leggings and a cami. This is a beautiful piece for your wardrobe. One of it’s main features that caught my eye the most, was the black lace strip across the back, this is what made it stand out the most for me. This cost me £12 however because it’s sold out of the Bank website, I linked it to the Lipsy one where you can get it for £13.30.

2. The Sport Mesh Skater Skirt 

image image

I love this! I love how it flows out. I really like how it’s different to a normal skirt, the mesh brings something different, instead of just being plain. I also like how this has a lift to it, like I said, I love how it flows out. Being black this will go with anything! I would wear this with a top tucked into it and don’t forget ladies, skirts aren’t just for summer, just wear tights! This cost me £10! A real bargain, get it before it’s gone.

Has everyone else been enjoying the January sales?

A x


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