Ted baker Peach Perfect Gift Set


Hey guys! The weekends go so quick! I don’t know if you’re fed up of reading about Ted Baker now but for those who arnt, I thought I’d review another one of my gifts from Christmas. Also Ted Baker is now doing free delivery on all orders, so be sure to check out their sale and their new season collection! 

Lip Gloss.

image image

This lip gloss is in the colour of peach. This is a stunning shade. If glossy is what your looking for, then this does just that. It’s not sticky either when applied to the lips. This is perfect for an evening out or a special occasion. You can wear this over a lipstick, or it’s perfect enough just on it’s own and will give you a guaranteed high shine finish. 

Nail Polish.


This obviously also comes in the colour peach and is a nice pastel colour. Only 1 coat will be needed for your nails, and then a clear coat over that. What I love about this polish is the brush. When applied the nail polish goes on smoothly and not creating blobs, which for me is a winner as some nail polish brushes are so clumpy that you get blobs on your nails and that doesn’t look good. I will definitely be getting this polish out again, come spring/summer time.

Unfortunately, this like the Shades In Waiting gift set, is also sold out, but I’ve put a link below, as to where you can get your hands on some of the nail polishes.

What is everyone’s favourite nail polish?

A x


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