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Hey guys! I think I have the weekend blues. On Saturday I received a package from Lush that I was waiting for. I decided to do my Lush shopping online, as when I went in to their shop the other week, the queue was massive and it was so busy, that I thought it would be much easier to do my shopping online. I haven’t had anything from Lush in ages and I just love all their products, especially their bath bombs and melts as they smell so gorgeous and fresh. Here is what I bought..

1. Twilight


This doesn’t look that appealing, however looks can be deceiving. It smells like flowers, I couldn’t tell you which one as I’m not good on names. This will turn your bath magical midnight blue and leave your skin feeling super soft.

2. Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment 


This is the best smelling bath bomb by far! This has a smell of candy floss, bubblegum and marshmallow moulded into one. This turns your bath a nice shade of pink. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. A must have if you ask me..

3. Fizzbanger


This one doesn’t look very interesting at all, in fact it looks really plain. You can really smell the cinnamon in this one, which I don’t usually like but it smells really nice. This fizzes and changes colour, crackling popping candy, apparently, I’ve not used this before but I’m looking forward too.

4. Karma Bubble Bar


This one looks really cool, I like the colours. Almost reminds me of a volcano. It has quite an exotic smell, mainly of oranges. This turns your bath an orange colour and gives you a lot of bubbles. I love bubbles so relaxing! 

5. Sunnyside


Yes, I got this one because of what it looks like. Gold and glittery, you can’t go wrong. This smells off oranges and lemons giving of a citrus smell. This turns your bath gold and shimmery. My mum might dislike me after I’ve had a bath in this..

What’s your favourite Lush product?

A x


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