Christmas Paperchase Haul

"It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrr!" I get quite a lot, "Amy it's only November". November you say? Today it's only 42 days away, which is only 6 Saturdays away. Here's a little fact for you, before the tradition of turkey for Christmas, in England it was to have a pig's head and mustard.… Continue reading Christmas Paperchase Haul


We Shopped, We Decorated, We Got Festive!

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR SO MUCH! A chance to get a sneak peak at what my house looks like, well my living room. I had bought all these decorations in November and it was an absolute killer waiting to put them all up. I got these all from a garden center near me… Continue reading We Shopped, We Decorated, We Got Festive!


Lush Haul

Hey guys! Its been a whole 8 months since I've shown you one of my lush hauls, I can't believe its been that long! I love Lush so much, they do the best smelling products and also raise money for really good causes. Bath bombs are probably my favourite products of theirs that they do,… Continue reading Lush Haul


Shopping Purchases

Recently I have purchased a few new things. I just wanted to update my wardrobe a bit more. Tonight I am going to another murder mystery evening. This is my second murder mystery night and this time I'm going with work friends, which I'm looking forward to, so I shall post an update very soon… Continue reading Shopping Purchases

Beauty · Wear

Shopping Spree

Hey guys! I haven't done a bit of shopping in ages so the other day I decided to order some new makeup, mainly because my foundation was literally at deaths end, it got to the point I was pretty desperate. I even took the the squirty bit of the lid off and started scraping of… Continue reading Shopping Spree