Lush Haul

As the colder months are drawing in, it can only mean long hot soaks in the bath, with the luxury of Lush products. I am still yet to purchase any Christmas bath bombs, however I will be buying a load that I’ve got my eye on, and I will probably post about them next month. One being the magic of Christmas, which you can check out here. Moving on to this post, here is what I’ve been buying!

  1. Pop In The Bath

image image

I loved the sky blue colour it turned the bath, but what I loved the most was all the bubbles it created. It has a zesty smell of lemon, which is quite strong, and leaves your skin feeling really soft. Like many of Lush’s bath bombs, you can get 2 uses out of this bath bomb, which is a bonus! If your not a fan of strong scents, then this might not be fore you, however for me, this has very quickly become one of my favourites.

2. Butterball 


This is perfect for dry, sensitive skin, which I get a lot, mainly around my knees, and elbows, so this was really good for me. Not one that does a lot to your bath, its quite simple on that part. It did make my skin soooo soft, and that’s due to the cocoa butter that is in it. As this has cocoa in, you can probably imagine it smells really really good. Not only that but it is also very calming, one for the evening.

3. Dreamtime


Don’t you think this looks like porridge? It doesn’t anymore as they have now changed the formula, so it looks purple now with a gold z. It does have a funny smell, I can’t put my finger on, which your either going to love or hate, but I think I quite like it. This also doesn’t do a lot, but again is really soothing. Saying that though I don’t know what the new version is like. I’ve noticed they’re revamping quite a few of their bath bombs lately.

4. Sakura


I’ve noticed that this is mainly white bath bombs, however this one does have a few colourful bits in. This has a really nice floral scent and is the perfect Spring bath bomb. Again not one that changes your bath different colours, but one that is very relaxing and peaceful. I think I’ve noticed a theme here, I have seemed to have picked ones that are quite calming when put in the bath. At the time I wanted to choose ones that I haven’t used before because I usually go for the bright coloured ones, however this has proved to me that these are just as good.

Has anyone got a favourite Christmas Lush bath bomb yet?

A x  


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