Shopping Purchases

Recently I have purchased a few new things. I just wanted to update my wardrobe a bit more. Tonight I am going to another murder mystery evening. This is my second murder mystery night and this time I’m going with work friends, which I’m looking forward to, so I shall post an update very soon on how it was, the hotel and food. Back to my recent purchases, I shopped in a few shops but got items from Dorothy Perkins and mostly Select. One thing I’m most looking forward to is when the summer stuff comes in, so I can buy a few things for when I go on holiday.


Starting off with these monochrome  shoes that I’m in love with. I love the bottom of them, the fact they are white, this does mean I must keep them clean. I also love the cut outs which would look nice with some really cute socks underneath or you can just wear them without socks. The buckles make them less plain. Ankle boots are something I’m really loving right now.

(Monochrome Ankle Boots £19.99)


Secondly the checked frilly socks. I really like these, hopefully they’ll look alright underneath my new cut out ankle boots, although I’m not totally sure. They could also look good with the frilly bit poking out over the top of ankle shoes too. I think I’ve got a bit of a black and white theme going on here and I’ve only just realised it so I’m sorry about the lack of colour! 

(Frilly Socks £1.99)


Next is this cut out slogan tshirt. I really like the shoulders and sleeves on this as, they sit comfortable without any movement. I quite like the cut out look at the moment as it’s just different and unique. I also like the slogan “laters haters”. I’ve got quite a lot of slogan things, they have a kind of street wear look and look good with the beanies with the writing on.

(Laters Haters Top £7.99)


Then we have this shirt I love. I love the open zip down the middle. It’s a really laid back throw on, although you can dress it up too. The zip has a limit to how far it goes down. I also like the three quarter length sleeves, will be nice when it starts to get warmer. The shirt will give you a relaxed look and for those of you who don’t like fitted things, then you’ll like something like this.

(Ivory Blouse £11.99)


Lastly is this boyfriend shirt jacket. I really like this and it’s something I’ve been looking for, for ages, as I don’t have a plain black jacket, that I can just put over an outfit. This also has three quarter lengths sleeves and I especially like the gold buckles on either sides and this will actually match a pair of ankle boots I have. Winner.

(Kimono £20)

Whats your favourite item?

A x


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