Catfish The Tv Show


Catfish is back on our tv screens again and boy am I glad, I love this programme. A Catfish for those who doesn’t know, is a person who creates a fake profile, on social media by using someone else’s pictures and false information to be someone other than themselves. Usually a catfish tricks someone into falling in love with them. Nev and Max help people who are emotionally connected with someone who they’ve never met in their whole life. In each episode there is an investigation as to whether the other person in the relationship is legitimate or is in fact a catfish. Sometimes the person could be legitimate sometimes they aren’t, but it gets really interesting like a woman could think she’s having a relationship with a guy and it turns out to be another woman. I must admit as the episodes go on the more complicated and interesting they get and each series keeps getting better. The only problem I have with this season is Max isn’t in it that much and although they have celebrities helping instead, I still miss Max. Apart from this, I’m really loving Catfish. 

Who else misses Max? 

A x


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